Our experience has positioned us to efficiently assess acquisition opportunities with a critical eye towards redeveloping and repositioning assets within a given market through aggressive improvements to both the physical condition and the tenant roster of a given property. This stream-lined process results in an efficient procession from evaluation to negotiation and due diligence to closing.


Having redeveloped over three million square feet of commercial space over the last twenty years, we have the ability to look creatively at an asset in order to determine if and how it may best be best re-positioned for success. Changes ranging from simple cosmetics, to tenant mix, to radical restructuring are all considered to take an under-achieving project and turn it into a solid performer.


Our leasing efforts are vital to the initial stabilization of an asset during and after acquisition, and concentrate on developing tenant relationships that allow for efficient leasing efforts from prospect identification to lease signature and tenant construction. Our management efforts focus on maximizing asset value and performance through the most efficient mix of in-house services and outside vendors.

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